The Benefits in Spraying

Crop Spraying is the process of spraying insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other preventative treatments onto crops. The process of spraying is to cover large areas of crop and protect them from bugs and other pests. Sprayers come in all sizes from Backpack and Handheld, Traypacks for Utes and Trailers up to 12m Booms or larger Trailing Units. PTO or Engine driven or manual pump action, spraying is for the total benefit of Crop protection.

Benefits Of Spraying for Crop Health:

  • The objective of Spraying is to deliver a uniform dose amount of product to target an area safely and in a timely manner. It is a cost-effective method of controlling insects and other pests from destroying your Crop.
  • Protecting Crops from insect pests, weeds, and fungal diseases while they are growing is paramount to the protection of humans from contamination while been stored and safeguarding human health by stopping food crops been contaminated by fungi.
  • In spraying, the chemicals to be applied are dissolved or suspended in water or, less commonly, in an oil-based carrier.

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