Slashers & Pasture Toppers: Their Benefits in Agriculture
Slasher and Toppers come in all sizes from 1.2m up to 4m with single rotor to tri-rotor cuts. All are PTO driven which give the advantage of smooth and efficient operations. These Slashers and Toppers are Australian built and reliable, robust Machinery designed for heavy workloads

Benefits Of Slashing and Topping Crops:

  • Where high grass growth has become a problem, a Slasher or Topper makes light work of crop preparation prior to using ground engaging machinery such as your Rotary Tiller.
  • Toppers are designed to slash the head off the weed or remaining plant from crop and settle it back into the soil for better weed control and allow fresh new growth of pasture to come through for grazing animals
  • Slashing boundary lines, fences and road sides also assists in crop management and weed control.
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